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Welcome! This wiki is a comprehensive guide to the fantasy country of Salogon. From the island nation's geography to its culture to its cities to its wildlife, this wiki talks about it all. Laid out in an easy to use and easily manageable manner, this wiki, in various forms, describes everything there is to know about this diverse and vibrant country. Keep in mind this is not a collaborative project, but rather a medium for me to uncatalogued my worldbuilding. So needless to say, all pages will be locked and unauthorized editing is not allowed.

Blank Map of Salogon

A blank map of Salogon

What is Salogon?

Salogon is a medieval fantasy country located on an isolated island about the same size as real-world Montana. Inspired by the likes of Tolkien and George R.R. Martin, this world serves as a generic fantasy setting that I may, in the future, use for roleplaying games.

Salogon is divided into over thirty provinces, which are semi-independent political bodies that swear fealty to the Royal Head, who is the supreme governor of the country. Salogon is officially a constitutional monarchy; the head of state is the head of the Royal House, who has almost unchecked power under the limits of the Constitution. Certain rights are guaranteed to all citizens under the Constitution, such as a freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Compared to other nations of a comparable level of technology, Salogon is remarkably progressive and has a relatively high standard of living in spite of its literally medieval level of technology.

Due to its relatively large land area, Salogon has a diverse geography. The mountainous areas of the west are one of most sparsely inhabited due to their vast stretches of isolated coniferous forests and infertile soil. In the central regions of the island, where hilly deciduous forests are common, most of the population resides. The lowlands of the far east include fast farmlands on fertile soil. An upland in the southern reaches of the island include vast rolling green hills with thick, humid forests covering the terrain.

Hills of Central Salogon

The highlands and forests of Central Salogon.

How does this wiki work?

This wiki is once again not a collaborative project. Because Wikia is a horrible company that doesn't allow private wikis, I have no choice but to simply make this public. However, all pages will be locked and any unauthorized edits/page creations will be deleted without warning. I plan on updating this wiki every now and then, with no fixed schedule. I'll probably write a lot more early on, and it'll probably taper off as time goes on, but I plan to eventually write about this island in its entirety, so that it will be a detailed and vibrant setting.


All images on this wiki, unless specially noted, are either made by me or used from the Wikimedia Commons, which hosts thousands of freely usable images. Most of the images are landscapes or pictures of animals. For instance, the picture to the left. On the image's page, it will say what the picture is actually an image of; for instance, the image on the left is actually an area of Maine, near the town of Rangeley. Of course, I will try my best to make sure none of the images have roads or any human-made things on them. If you have any questions, shoot me a message.