Geographic Regions of Salogon

The generally conceived five geographical regions of Salogon.

The geography of Salogon varies immensely. Despite usually being regarded as a land of rolling forests, the geography consists of everything including rainforests, grasslands, plains, forests, rivers, hills, lakes, beaches and towering mountains. The vast interior forests are one of the most isolated regions to speak of.

Salogon is historically divided into 5 geographic regions: the Southern Upland, the Western Highlands, the Interior Ridges, the Central Hills, and the Eastern Lowlands. These definitions are usually based on the topography, in addition to the flora and fauna.

In the west, the vast Salagish Mountains dominate the coast, with glaciers carving deep fjords and inlets. The southern Vansing Mountains define most of the Southern Upland. The circular Green Mountains of the interior of the island are vast deciduous forests with many lakes and rivers. To the east, the terrain recedes slowly to the point where there are nothing but vast grasslands and plains.

The longest river in Salogon, the Secticut River, begins in the Salagish Mountains and runs all the way east across the entirety of the island, where it drains into Falgarin Bay. Lake Dolohor, upon which lies the gleaming capital of Cheyheath, is in the central regions of island, in the heart of the Green Mountains. The highest peak in Salogon is Saskill Mountain, in the western reaches of the country.

Location and size Edit

The exact location of Salogon is not known. It is in the middle of a vast ocean, with no land for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of miles. The ocean that surrounds Salogon is known as the Candabar Ocean. The exact land area of Salogon is also not known, as it is difficult to quantify given the isolated regions of the country, but it is estimated to be at least 200,000 square miles, bigger than Montana.

Salagish Mountains Small Lake

A small lake in the central Salagish Mountains.

Topography Edit

Three main mountain ranges dominate Salogon: the Salagish Mountains to the west, the Vansing Mountains to the south, and the Green Mountains in the interior. Each are distinct, with the Salagish Mountains being much more prominent, with rocky peaks that often go well above the treeline. The Vansing Mountains are similar, however much less prominent.

The Green Mountains are a circular patch of highlands in the east-central regions of the country. Tall and rolling hills are carved by many lakes, streams and rivers, covered by thick deciduous forests. The Secticut Rivers flows directly through the Green Mountains, carving a deep valley known as the Secticut Valley, which is home to much of the Salogonian populace.

Secticut River West Salogon

The Secticut River as it runs through western Salogon.

Rivers and lakes Edit

Salogon is known for its lakes. The largest, Lake Dolohor, has many settlements including the capital of Cheyheath along it. Lake Dolohor is one of three lakes in the Blue Lakes system, the others being Lake Erogen and Lake Sargin. Other lakes in this area include Lake Gargia and Lake Istigan. Other areas of Salogon, mostly notably the west, contain many smaller lakes.

The longest river in Salogon is the Secticut River. The next few longest rivers are, in descending order of length: the Dormer River, the Sontan River, the Dolohor River and the Laginia River. Many of these rivers have a lot of tributaries. Salogon is known for its huge amount of creeks and streams, due to its plentiful amount of natural springs. Many of these flow into small lakes in the centers of valleys.

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